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It's time to be your own boss and earn six figures. Craft your exit strategy and go freelance with this free five-day "Take Action" Challenge to jump-start or elevate your freelance career.

The Agenda for This FREE Email Course
Day 1: Define Your Freelance Goals
Day 2: Turn Your Skills Into Services
Day 3: Create or Improve Your Website
Day 4: Network and Get Clients
Day 5: What Else Would You Like to Know?

Full Time to Freelance offers advice and resources to writers, editors, and project managers who want to leave their full-time jobs, be their own boss, and still earn—or build—a six-figure income.

Here’s what you’ll learn during the free challenge…

Are you overwhelmed by what it will actually take to quit your full-time job and become your own boss? If so, subscribe to the free five-day “Take Action” Challenge, which breaks down some of the critical steps you need to take to jump-start your next career.

During this email course I’ll help you define your freelance goals, turn your skills into services, create or improve your website, and polish your networking skills so you can get and retain clients. I’ll challenge you to take action and I’ll task you with exercises that will quickly get you on your way to earning a freelance income.

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About the Author
I am not smarter than you are. I am not more talented. I don’t have more connections than you do but I’m a six-figure freelancer because I have a plan. And I can help you craft one too.

What people say about our training and resources...

"I was laid off unexpectedly and started to freak out about how I’d pay my bills, but then a friend introduced me to Andrea at Full Time to Freelance. She helped me devise a plan of action, start building a freelance business, and—most importantly—regain my confidence."

Gina S. from Chicago

"The worksheets and tools at Full Time to Freelance helped me focus my efforts on one market segment and I’ve already been able to increase my rates and work with some dream clients. I’ll be one of the first members of the FTtF community as soon as its doors open."

Mary M. from Jersey City

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